what is push in blackjack

Blackjack easily ranks among the most popular casino games. Picking out one universal reason behind the popularity of blackjack is quite difficult if not impossible. What we know however is that many players simply love the fact that it’s a skill-based game and has competitive odds in comparison to other casino games. Perhaps another factor that has also popularised the blackjack game is the mere fact that it comes in different variants. This, therefore, means the subtle differences which exist from one blackjack variant to another help in appealing to the needs of different player types. In recent times, a new ‘rule’ was introduced to the most popular of all blackjack games. This new rule is dubbed push blackjack.

Understanding Push Blackjack

So what is a push blackjack? The meaning of push blackjack is a relatively new rule which introduces ties to blackjack games. In times gone by, whenever the hand of the dealer and the player were ranked the same (but above 17 as otherwise the dealer is forced to draw another card), the dealer would in turn push the player’s bets back and, in the process, extend the game. These often-confused newbies and inebriated players.  The new ‘push’ rule however changes all that.

Thanks to the new rule, when the dealer and the player’s hands are ranked the same, the dealer simply clicks the layout next to the bet thus signifying that there is neither a winner nor a loser. The player, therefore, keeps his bet and can use it for the next gaming session.

Players need to note that a push does not apply to busts. The dealer and the player bust when their hand exceeds 21. If both the dealer and the player bust and have the same hand, it is the dealer who wins automatically. Another important thing to note about the push rule is that it does not apply to blackjack hands with different cards. To put this into perspective, if both the dealer and the player get blackjack hands but the dealer’s hand comprises an Ace and a 10 value card while that of the player comprises three or more cards, it is the dealer’s hand that wins rather than the game ending in a tie.

Alternate Use of Push Blackjack in Some Variants

While the above applies to the general blackjack game, players ought to note that there are some instances (games) in which the push rule is applied differently. So what is a push blackjack in different instances? Often, this comes in the form of a side bet – Blackjack Tie Wins – in which a tie between the dealer and the player does not result in a no-win/no-lose scenario but rather, the player wins 1:2. Games that come with such a side bet, however, stipulate that the size of the (side) bet should not be more than 50%.